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Make Inventory
Management Simple with Lab Symplified

Lab Symplified streamlines inventory tracking and management process by providing centralized platform for all departments across the lab

Built for all labs

Clinical Lab


Molecular Lab

Anatomic and Pathology Lab

Inventory Management System Built by Med Techs for Med Techs

Lab Symplified Understands the Challenges

Managing your lab’s inventory can be difficult and burdensome. Whether your lab uses just a handful of reagents or enough to support multiple departments, keeping track of inventory is time-consuming and prone to errors.

From the financial loss of expired reagents to the risk of non-compliance, Lab Symplified understands the challenges because we have lived them ourselves. With decades of laboratory experience, our software designers know how to simplify inventory.

How Lab Symplified Works

Our software has many features, but what really makes inventory easier for you is our management system that keeps track of all reagents from purchase to expiration. See in real-time where your reagent is every step of the way.

Once a reagent arrives in the lab, scan it in with a barcode, and you’re done. When you’re ready to put it in use, it’s as simple as scanning it again. And if someone grabs an uncorrelated lot, don’t worry. Our software will send an alert so your staff knows it’s not ready for use.

Increased Visibility and Transparency

See the daily snapshots of all your inventory that needs your attention in Real Time to ensure timely replenishment. Trace all activity of each product as they are being used in a centralized inventory table

Inventory Analytics

Take the Guessing out of inventory tasks. Lab Symplified inventory management system aggregates inventory usage data of all your products in a single view to preventing over- and under-ordering. You can monitor waste generated from expired supplies and take action to reduce waste.

More Time for Patient Testing & Bench Work

Optimized inventory management frees time from dealing with inventory-related
disruptions, so your staff can focus more on patient testing and productivity.

Lot Tracking Made Easy

No more painstaking manual lot tracking. Lab Symplified accurately captures and records the lot number of all your products maintained in the inventory. In addition, the lot-to-lot correlation module maintains all necessary information required for compliance and document control.

Simple Solution for
Inventory Management

The solution to your inventory challenges lies with Lab Symplified. Our dynamic software takes the complicated process of managing inventory and simplifies it. We know organizing all your reagents into a simple, easy-to-use program seems hard to imagine. Let us show you exactly how we do it with a demo.

How will Your Lab Benefit?

Lab Symplified saves your company money by reducing waste, saving time, and avoiding costly last-minute shipping. Inventory usage reports and customized notifications will ensure you only order what you need, no more and no less. You won’t have excess reagents sitting expired on the shelf or struggle to arrange expensive overnight shipping when you run out of a critical item.

Not only does Lab Symplified benefit your business financially; our detailed records improve patient care and simplify compliance. If you have experienced the dismay of using uncorrelated or expired reagents, you’ll appreciate Lab Symplified’s safeguards that ensure staff does not use the wrong lots.

There is more you can do with Lab Symplified to make your lab efficient.

Proficiency Test Tracking
Digital Shift Report

Proficiency Test tracking

Managing proficiency tests, maintaining records, assigning tasks,
and tracking staff progress can be challenging. Lab Symplified
makes it simple for you.

Efficient Record Maintenance and Accessibility
Monitoring Assignments, progress, and Deadlines

Digital Shift Report

Communication between shifts in a lab is crucial for the continuity
of patient care, safety, efficient workflow, and collaboration.

Easy accessibility and clarity of messages between shifts with the ability to add
comments on events for better two-way communication.
Offers trackable digital messaging, ensuring compliance and providing documentation for regulatory purposes.

Onboarding Process

 Easy to Implement, Easier to Use

Setting up a new system is daunting, but we have you covered. Lab Symplified takes extra care to ensure your lab’s onboarding process is quick and easy. Our skilled team will be in and out of your space in just a few days but will remain available for as long as you need us. With just a computer and a barcode scanner your lab will be up and running.

Guided Implementation & Continuous Support

Your staff will receive all the necessary knowledge and documents to run our software and improve your inventory methods. From setting up, to training, to troubleshooting, we are here to make your inventory management straightforward and efficient. You provide us with a list of your inventory and some basic information. Lab Symplified does the rest.

Get Started Today

Unreliable inventory management is now a thing of the past. Save money while improving patient care with our cloud-based software that requires no installation. Make it simple with Lab Symplified. To learn more about our innovative program, schedule your free demo today. You will see first-hand how we deliver on our word by offering competitive pricing, exceptional client service, and a superior product.


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What to expect during the demo:

We will start by understanding your current state of inventory management and challenges.
We will walk you through the Lab Symplified functionalities. During this time, you will be able to see first hand how it can help solve your current challenges.
We will answer any questions you have during the demo and after it is over.