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Our mission is to simplify and optimize
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Medical Laboratory Scientists are all about precision and accuracy. But when it came to the lab’s inventory, Our founder found himself constantly frustrated by the inefficient and error-prone process. The laboratory relied on a manual system of tracking supplies with emails and hand-written notes scattered throughout the lab. It was difficult to get an accurate picture of what supplies were available, and it was even harder to predict when they would run out. Our founder had seen the firsthand consequences of these ineffective inventory management practices. Determined to find a solution, he set out to build an inventory management software that could make a real difference in the daily workflow of all Medical Lab Scientists.

Lab Symplified is a software created for Clinical Laboratories. Most inventory management solutions that exist in the market are not built with laboratories in their mind. Few that exist are either financially not viable or involve complicated implementations. Lab applications should be simple enough for busy staff to use easily while still thorough enough to optimize your workflow and add value to your lab. This is exactly how Lab Symplified was built, a user-friendly cloud-based inventory management software designed by laboratory scientists for laboratory scientists.

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