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Health Systems

Inventory Management Solutions for health system laboratories designed to combat unreliable supply chains and inefficiencies.

Easy access to view the inventory of your sister laboratories.
Make resource sharing transparent and easy between different labs.
Easily identify supplies that may go to waste in one lab that can be used in another.
Standardize the inventory management practices across the sister labs for efficiency and cost savings.
Track reagent and quality control lot usage.
Electronic lot correlation documentation available at each site reagent and quality control is used.
Data access logging and tracking. Know who did what, where, and when.

Share Resources – Reduce Waste

Sharing resources between sister laboratories can be a helpful and practical strategy for managing backorders and improving inventory management. By pooling resources, laboratories can ensure a sufficient supply of necessary items even if one lab is experiencing a shortage or high demand.


Inventory Management Software that works for labs with multiple locations.

Get an instant, real-time view of your entire inventory of all locations on one screen.
Lab Symplified enables you to manage inventory at multiple locations from a single screen, by a single person, or by multiple people simultaneously.
Comprehensive visibility on Transfers of supplies.
    • Request supply transfers from one location to another.
    • Track the status of requests and transfers in real-time.
    • Make resource pooling easy and transparent.
Visualize how supplies are being used in each location and get detailed reports.
Get real-time cost analysis on reagents, quality control, and material usage with a mouse click.
Highly configurable with the latest security restrictions.