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We asked Medical Laboratory Scientists around the country what frustrates them about not having a sound inventory management system.

Here is what they have to say, in their own words.

Not knowing that something is out until you need to use it and as you grab it you see that there aren't any more left, but everyone seems shocked and surprised, that there isn't any left. having to make the call to house supervisors that tests will be delayed because of a lack of reagent makes the lab look like we're slacking.

Alisha DeJuanMedical Laboratory Scientist, Dallas, TX

As the person who does the inventory and ordering, it's quite possible that I may miss something when I did my order. Does anybody tell me or do they wait until it's completely gone?! Fortunately, that doesn't happen very often.

Margaret WhitelawMedical Laboratory Scientist, Merced, CA

Staff doesn't always let you know when items are expired or if we need to order and Some people don't understand first in and first out.

Kathy Tran EchanisMedical Laboratory Scientist, Plano, TX

That no one can keep up with the inventory. Then it gets the lab in a bind, due to the supply chain issues.

Rebecca RicksMedical Laboratory Scientist, Tulia, TX

Worrying about what will I do to keep testing going. What mitigation strategies I have to implement to keep us going and hope it will keep us going until we can get more. The stress it adds to an already stressful situation

Management has tried multiple times and ways to take some of the responsibility off me, but it always fails, so when people ask how we manage it, I point to my head

People open the last box, or use the LAST VIAL and never say a word. A word, not one word. Like, OK looks like this is the last box yea for me!

It's nothing like not having reagents, controls and calibrators properly inventoried then trying to purchase them last minute to find out its a backorder product

It's crazy to me when people don't do 1st in 1st out! It really grinds my gears.. Inventory is near impossible to keep up with as it is.

We made a specific position and hired someone to do nothing but inventory and yet we are always out of things we use every day

People they don’t do the first in, first out rule when stocking new deliveries. That stuff is expensive and one should keep stock on hand in shortest date in front order.

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